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Jack Perry

  November 22, 2023


Jack-perry-neiye.jpg    Jack Perry

    Chairman Elect of the 48 Group Club, CEO of London Export Corporation


    Jack Perry, a former professional footballer with experience in the UK, Portugal, and Thailand, transitioned his career to focus on the family     business, LEC. Hailing from a family where China was a constant topic, Jack became the first Perry to live in China in 2006. During his 4-year     tenure in Shanghai and Beijing, he immersed himself in the business, establishing companies under the LEC banner.

One notable success was the founding of an entertainment company that produced commercials for prominent brands like Nike and the NBA. Subsequently sold to a Thai investment firm, this venture paved the way for Jack's increased responsibilities within the larger LEC organization. Collaborating with his father, Stephen Perry, he played a crucial role in bringing renowned musicals such as Cats and Les Misérables to China. Also focusing on trade in machinery and minerals.

Jack's contributions expanded internationally as he spearheaded the establishment of China hubs in St. Louis, working closely with U.S. senators and top leaders in China to foster trade connections and support. Rising through the ranks, Jack is now the CEO of LEC, a company with three main focuses: trade, strategic long-term development of large-scale joint ventures, and private equity, particularly in tech, medical fields, and renewable energy.

In 2007, Jack founded the Young Icebreakers of the 48 Group Club, serving as its Chairman until this year. Elected as Chairman of the 48 Group Club in September, he will assume full Chairmanship on March 31st, 2024—a significant date in the Perry family as it coincides with Jack Snr's birthday, symbolising the passing of the baton from Stephen Perry to Jack Perry Jnr.