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Lee Paxman

  November 11, 2023


新建项目 (3).jpg    Lee Paxman

    Managing Director and Shareholder of Mobus Fabrics Ltd


    Lee Paxman is the Managing Director and Shareholder of Mobus Fabrics Ltd.

Before becoming Managing Director, Lee held several positions across Mobus, starting as a stock controller, where Lee led the implementation of new stock control and warehousing systems to enable growth. Throughout his 16 years at Mobus, Lee has been integral to the company's growth, developing a Mobus China stock program, allowing further growth across Asia and the USA.

Pushing the company forward, Lee is responsible for recruiting and developing Mobus’ global team and works closely with Chinese colleagues to build relationships across the supply chain.

More recently, Lee was responsible for acquiring Clarkson Coatings Ltd, a fabric coating company that is an integral part of the Mobus Fabrics supply chain. Additionally, he oversaw the set-up of Mobus USA, a distribution hub based in North Carolina which will service all north American markets.

Prior to joining Mobus, Lee worked as a data analyst after studying management accounting with a particular interest in throughput and bottleneck accounting. Whilst at University Lee was elected Vice President of the Students Union and representative on the British University Sports Association (BUSA) Finance Committee.

As keen National league Rugby Union player Lee has a core team values with strong leadership skills. Lee was recognised by the RFU at a ceremony in Twickenham for his contribution to student rugby.